2016 Swing Trade Portfolio UP 135%

2015 Model Portfolio  UP 92%


We recommended CERU on 3/13/2017 at $2.38 and sold it at $3.30 on 3/15/2017

We recommended AUPH on 3/8/2017 at $6.70 and sold it at $10.30 on 3/13/2017

We recommended RPD on 2/2/2017 at $12.80 and sold it at $15.37 on 2/24/2017

We recommended AAPL on 1/9/2017 at $124.50 and sold it at $137.00 on 2/23/2017

We recommended MBLY on 1/3/2017 at $39.00 and sold it at $46.00 on 3/2/2017

We recommended ETRM on 1/5/2017 at $3.25 and sold it at $19.00 on 1/9/2017

* FST Portfolio performance fully documented on site

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