Harris Shapiro

Harris Shapiro is the Managing Editor and Founder of TFST Publishing,LLC. After an illustrious career on Wall Street wearing every hat from stock broker,to investment banker to the CEO of several micro/small cap public companies he started his stock market advisory letter, The Focused Stock Trader in 2013.His five decades of experience helped him develop a propriatary system for investors and swing traders.Right from the start his Portfolios beat the Indexes many times over.

Mr. Shapiro was President and CEO of Millennium Capital Corporation from January 2003 till 2012 where he was in charge of consulting in the areas of synergistic business relationships, mergers and marketing for small to medium sized companies.

From 2000 to 2006, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Data Corporation where he managed the day-to-day operations while looking for a suitable acquisition. He has also served as Managing Director of Gilford Securities where he arranged private placements, IPO's and mergers. While there for one year, he completed financing in excess of $50 million and arranged a major acquisition for a NYSE company.

Prior to this, he was Managing Director of Whale Securities (1993 - 1998) where he was responsible for raising more than 200 million dollars for small cap companies. From 1983-1994, he served as President and CEO of Dyansen Corporation, growing the company to one of the largest Art Gallery Chains and opening thirty galleries and reaching $50 million in sales before selling the Company.

Mr. Shapiro’s diverse and thorough experience contributes heavily to his extensive knowledge of swing trading and the best stocks to invest in. He is a graduate of The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania). Subscribe now for a free two-week trial to see some of Mr. Shapiro’s research leading to great swing trades and long term investment ideas.


 Jane Shapiro

Jane 2

 Jane Shapiro is President of TFST Publishing, LLC. She has held many positions in her career. After graduating from Miami Dade College she practiced Dental Hygiene for many years.

After her marriage, she moved to New York with her husband and worked along side him in their art galleries, Dyansen Gallery. Her position was public relations which included interaction with artists, planning special events and assisting in advertising.

 Jane entered the financial world after completing her Series 7 and Series 24 licenses. She worked as a financial advisor for Charles Schwab and raised over five million dollars in new monies for the company.

Next, she entered into the New York City Real Estate Market as a real estate salesperson. She focused on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan and closed many sales and rentals.

Since 2013 she has helped launch TFST publications with her husband and has worn many hats in the last 4 years. Her main focus has been interacting with our subscribers. In addition, she worked closely with our contributing editors and assisted in the management of our advisory service.


 Alan Valdes

Mr. Valdes is a 36 year Member of The New York Stock Exchange and as Director of Trading Floor Operations; he is one of the most pre-eminent traders in the world. Mr. Valdes is sought after for commentary and advice on the financial markets on nearly a daily basis, reaching an estimated 350 million people around the world weekly.

As a contributing editor for CNBC, he appears weekly on CNN, CBS Nightly News, Fox Business, Associated Press TV and is a frequent guest on CBS Radio. He is also seen on French 1TV, Sky Channel in Australia, Bloomberg India, and CCTV in China, Brazilian TV, and Chilean Broadcasting. 

Mr. Valdes is Chairman;  Diego Pellicer, a global leader in property acquisitions and leasing to the Cannabis Industry and Chairman; W all Street Capital Partners, a boutique corporate finance advisory with offices in New York, London and Hong Kong. He is a former Board Member of  Vision Finance, the largest and most prestigious brokerage house in China.

Mr. Valdes holds an honorary degree from the Paris School of Business in France, attended Seton Hall University, NY and graduated from New York University and Harvard Business School.


Matt Margolis

Matt Margolis is the Chief Analyst at Wall Street Forensics and provides a weekly newsletter that covers a healthy mix of tech companies spanning from micro-caps to mid-caps. Companies covered in his weekly newsletter include pre-revenue and early-stage manufacturing companies competing in consumer electronics and enterprise settings.

Matt’s research and opinions have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN Money as well as several other prominent financial media and blog sites. Matt is also a contributor on Seeking Alpha and has amassed over 1,900 followers in the past two years after he began publishing articles on Seeking Alpha in 2014.



Kris Tuttle

Kris Tuttle spent over a decade in advanced technology at Carnegie Mellon and IBM. Then he switched over into a career in equity research in 1993, first at UBS and then at SoundView Technology group. At SoundView he distinguished himself as a stock analysts, winning awards like the Institutional Investor "Home Run Hitter" for the best-performing stock recommendations. Kris went on to become the Director of Research at SoundView which had the largest technology-focused research team with in Connecticut, New York, San Francisco and London. He started his own independent research firm in 2005, launched an IPO-focused site called IPO Candy in 2009. IPO Candy is his primary focus today where he and his team cover emerging technologies and companies with an eye toward uncovering important investment insights.


 Jon Slotnick

Jon Slotnick has been a financial writer and stock trader for 15 years. He has worked for a diverse spectrum of financial institutions and publications, including TD Ameritrade, Bull Market Report, Midnight Trader, SeekingAlpha.com, WallStreetSurvivor.com, and BestCashCow.com. He has also written a series of financial literacy courses for New York Times best-selling author Julie Stav. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Sociology, and subsequently attended UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.